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About Us

Bibli is a meat production and processing company that manufactures unique products based on traditional local food preparing proceses. Carefully selected cuts of meat are cooked in traditional manner. The product range includes the traditional pork meat snack called čvarci (чварци), sometimes internationally recognized as pork rinds or pork scratchings, but with a somewhat different texture and taste, and also domestic pork fat (lard), increasingly popular due to its nutritious and cooking properties. It is part of Bibli’s mission to seek to improve the consumer’s experience and at the same time maintain quality in accordance with the highest international food safety principles. The company has achieved a high degree of quality and standardisation. Bibli has received many domestic and international awards. The company has recently been awarded by the Superior Taste Award by iTQi in Brussels with one Golden Star (notable tasting product) for both of our products, and was awarded with the AAA Gold Bisnode Certificate for the highest creditworthiness rating in 2017.

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