About us

Bibli is a company best characterised by two words:

quality and responsibility

  We are closely specialised in the production and processing of meat. For years, we have been combining the traditional way of production with modern standards of hygiene and food safety. Our products include protein-rich domestic cracklings and domestic lard, which is recognized for its nutritional value and high smoking point.

The facility in Pruzatovac, near city of Mladenovac on the slopes of Mount Kosmaj, was built according to the highest modern hygiene standards and provides ideal conditions for meat production and processing.

Tradition obliges us to preserve the skill of our ancestors and combine it with modern technology, creating cracklings- a Serbian brand – that conquered the discerning taste of Europe with its quality.

The company Bibli has a license to export to the market of EU member states, and apart from Serbia, you can also find our products in Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.