Sertifikat izvrsnosti mogu dobiti samo firme koje zadovoljavaju kriterijume i rangiranje i koja su se time uvrstila u najviši deo lestvice bonitetne izvrsnosti.

The company has achieved a high degree of quality and standardisation. Our production continuosly meets ISO 22000 and HACCP standards. The ISO 22000 and HACCP certificates were issued by the Quality Austria, one of the leading European contacts for the Integrated Management System, based on quality, environmental and OH&S (occupational health and safety) management.

In 2018 “Bibli” has been awarded with AAA Gold Bisnode Certificate (Only 2% of business in Serbia have been awarded with the highest, gold certificate). The AAA certification is a prestigious independent certification of companies with a history back to 1908. The certificate verifies reliability, credibility and minimum risk in the cooperation with the certified company. The owners of the certificate turn into attractive business partners, considering the stabile financial health. The exclusivity of companies is guaranteed by strict criteria. These companies can acquire the certification and confirm their strong position on the market. The certification brings vast choice of cooperation on international commissions or contracts, where credibility is the key factor of cooperation.